Rum cake

Rum cake

Rum cake

Rum Cake and Christmas go with each other like peanut butter and jelly. Like peas and carrots. Like halloween and pumpkin. Like Valentine’s Day and chocolate. At least in my book. Rum cake constantly seems on the vacation dessert buffet and constantly is one particular of the desserts that disappears the quickest.

And this rum cake recipe that my buddy, Ree contains in her newest cookbook, A Year of Holidays, will certainly turn out to be a preferred, even for people folks that swear rum cake isn’t 1 of their favorites. Guarantee.

Even even though we nonetheless have a couple of weeks to go ahead of the Christmas events officially start, when I noticed the rum cake recipe in Ree’s book, I knew I couldn’t wait to attempt it. Despite the fact that, allow me tell you, it was challenging to decide which recipe I wanted to consider 1st.

As with the recipes she shares in her other cookbooks, on her site, and on television, they all are incredible. You definitely can’t go incorrect with any of Ree’s recipes, in my view. Or my husband’s view. Or my son’s viewpoint. Hey, we’re a rather opinionated bunch when it comes to recipes, ya know.

And this rum cake?

Nicely, just like I considered, it tends to make an easy, but oh so classy dessert that will be excellent for sharing with family and pals in the course of your vacation entertaining as nicely as giving to neighbors as a gift.

If it can make it out of the property, that is. Speak about deeee-licious.

Here’s Ree’s Christmas Rum Pudding Cake Recipe. Think me when I say, it will be a Christmas creation everybody will request!

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